Winter Pines - Soy Candle

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The most iconic smell when thinking about winter time or Christmas is the Christmas tree. Some get the smell of it when they purchase a fresh grown tree, but others do not. With this fragrance you can get that smell of a fresh grown tree without going out and getting one. Light this candle and you can feel as if you have one right there next to you. With the smell of pine, fir, hints of orange, and to top it all off a little smokiness of the fireplace is what this Winter Pines candle smells like.

You can grab this in our 6 oz. Tin candles or in our 14 oz. Tin Candles.


CSBCandles is a 100% soy candle company. We do not mix waxes it is all natural and soy based. We do not add color unless stated otherwise, we use all eco-friendly cotton wicks, and top notch fragrance oils.