Shark Attack - Soy Wax Melt

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The fragrance of salt water and blood of course.

Actual Fragrance: Ocean Breeze, which is a mixture of melon, orange, with a slight musk smell to it. Definitely a fragrance you would want a beach house to smell like. 

This is our newest addition to our candle line. We have created this with a red color dye to our wax and used fragrance oils. 

We have also created this specific melt in our 6 oz. and 14 oz. candles here.

Each cube in our wax melts last to about 12 hours, but depending on size of room they can last longer. We have received multiple of comments from customers saying they have put up their warmer with our cubes and they last for about 3 days or more. Some of our wax melts are stronger than others.