Apples & Maple Bourbon - Soy Wax Melt

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A fall favorite that can be used year around with this traditional apple fragrance. With fresh apples, a touch of vanilla, maple, and a hit of smooth bourbon.

Did you know? Maker's Mark started courtroom battles over its signature wax seal. Pomology is the science of apple-growing.

Our Apples & Maple Bourbon Wax Melt does include color dye to give it a reddish-brown look.

***CSBCandles makes all candles and wax melts with 100% soy wax, cotton wicks, fragrance oils, and is in the process of creating all dye-less candles for an even healthier burn.

***Each of our little squares in our 2.5 oz. wax melts last for about 12 hours. Our stronger wax melts have lasted for up to 72 hours each. It all depends on the size of your room and if you pop in 1 or 2 of the cubes at a time.
100% soy wax and eco-friendly cotton wicks in every candle made.

*Some of our candles or Melts have a light white frosting over the colored wax. What does that mean?
•What causes it? Frosting is a perfectly natural effect of using soy wax and is unique to vegetable waxes, especially soy. It is the natural wax re-crystallizing and trying to return to its natural state.
All soy waxes frost and is a sign that we are using 100% natural soy wax. Some soy waxes have additives to help prevent frosting however if we want a 100% natural product then expect some frosting sooner or later in which we are 100% Soy wax in CSBC. Frosting does not affect the performance of your candle and is something that you shouldn’t stress over.